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Early Learning Program Coordinator

Provide management and leadership to early learning programs. Implement the YWCA’s mission in the daily operations of the early learning center.  Ensure program compliance with YWCA program policies and procedures, licensing requirements and standards of accreditation bodies. Maintain quality program services, staffing and facilities utilizing a strengths-based, collective leadership approach. 

Position: Early Learning Program Coordinator
Department: Improving Lives of Children
Supervisor: Site Director
Compensation Range: $18.00-$23.00/ Excellent Benefit Package
FLSA Status: Exempt
Hours of Work: Full-time. Flexible as a response to program needs and as arranged by the supervisor. Specially looking for a 2nd/3rd shift person
Weekend rotation is mandatory.

Kalamazoo, MI

Brief Description

Provide management and leadership to early learning programs. Implement the YWCA’s mission in the daily operations of the early learning center

Job Responsibilities

  1. Create a safe, secure atmosphere for the YWCA Children’s Center, conducive to the emotional, physical, social and intellectual needs of program participants.
  2. Support adequate staffing, arrange staffing patterns to meet program and/or licensing needs; provide direct staffing support as needed.
  3. Support the Family Advocate in creating opportunities for family participation in daily routine as well as parent group functions.
  4. Maintain the entryway, hallway, and common spaces of the Children’s Center so that it visually presents and sends a clear message which aligns with the mission and strategic plan of the Agency.
  5. Oversee classroom staff in relation to family support, communications and engagement.
  6. Monitor and assure compliance with requirements of licensing and quality standards.
  7. Supervise all aspects of educational programming and the daily routine for program participants. Review, recommend and oversee implementation of appropriate curricula, materials and supplies for the program.
  8. Supervise and assist in evaluating program staff (paid, volunteer, student and intern) following YWCA guidelines, policies, procedures and practices.  Hold regular and periodic staff meetings and arrange professional development.
  9. Arrange staffing patterns to meet program and/or licensing needs.
  10. Monitor attendance in Procare. Empower families to sign in/out each day.
  11. Encourage parent participation in daily routine as well as parent group functions and be available for parent-teacher conferences.
  12. Oversee early learning centers facility operations, housekeeping and supplies, reflecting standards of quality and professional integrity. Manage efficient facilitation of the program following YWCA guidelines, policies, procedures and practices.
  13. Act as spokesperson for the program; and, as a YWCA employee, project a positive image of the Association and its programs to the community, the Association and the program.
  14. Safeguard confidential information gained as a result of the job.
  15. Comply with Association policy regarding required reporting of child abuse.
  16. Perform other duties as assigned.

WORKING CONDITIONS AND ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:                                                                                        

  1. Familiarization with YWCA Personnel Policies and mission.
  2. Appropriate required licensing training and in-service which will occur during employment.
  3. Infant/Child/Adult CPR and First Aid certification
  4. 24 Hours of Professional Development

Education requirements, certifications, work experience

  1. Must meet, at a minimum, leadership and educational standards required by State of Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Affairs as well as quality standards as required by Michigan’s Quality Rating and Improvement System for an Early Childhood Lead Teacher. Minimum Child Development Associate requirements (CDA)
  2. Demonstrated understanding of Creative Curriculum (curriculum), Teaching Strategies GOLD (developmental assessment tool), and Ages and Stages Questionnaire (developmental screener).
  3. Demonstrated understanding of the use of data to guide teaching and learning.
  4. Demonstrated leadership ability in program and staff development.
  5. Demonstrated strong oral and written communication skills.
  6. Demonstrated ability to clearly articulate the work being done and support needed in order to drive the mission forward.
  7. Demonstrated ability to work well under pressure and in situations that require teamwork.
  8. Must meet all background check and health requirements of LARA prior to being offered the position.
  9. Demonstrated ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds.
  10. Demonstrated understanding of Children’s Center day-to-day operations.
  11. Proven ability to set priorities and fulfill responsibilities.
  12. Proven ability to make sound decisions and respond capably in crisis situations.
  13. Demonstrated ability to access community resources and build community networks.


  1. Orientation to YWCA Personnel Policies, Mission, Purpose and One Imperative.
  2. Racial Justice Training
  3. Orientation to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Confidentiality, Mandatory Reporting.
  4. Other appropriate training and in-service which will occur during employment.

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