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Early Learning Provider GSRP

Provide childcare and implement the educational curriculum within the Great Start Readiness Program classrooms.


Kalamazoo, MI

Brief Description

Provide childcare and implement the educational curriculum within the Great Start Readiness Program classrooms.

Department: Children’s Center

Supervisor: Children’s Center Site Director

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt, Full-Time

Hours of Work: Monday – Friday; Typical Business Hours. Occasional evening or weekend work.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Assist children in all daily living activities including, but not limited to: toileting, personal hygiene, dressing and eating.
  2. Organize and implement age appropriate learning activities/ experiences for children within the approved curriculum with individual children and small and large groups.
  3. Supervise children’s activities to ensure safety, promote socialization and enjoyment of children attending the facility.
  4. Work cooperatively with the classroom teachers, Program Director, and /or Family Advocate to resolve any programmatic or client concerns including but not limited to communication, service delivery, quality, curriculum, personnel, etc.
  5. Work cooperatively with the classroom teachers, Program Director, and/or Family Advocate on assigned duties, such as preparing activity materials, room cleanliness, etc. and use time effectively.
  6. Participate in mealtime activities with the children to encourage good eating habits, good table manners, conversation and clean-up.
  7. Accompany and supervise children on field trips.
  8. Monitor health status of children for illness or areas of concern.
  9. Clean up after activities.
  10. Provide written and/or verbal communication to parents regarding child’s daily activities, progress and behavior.
  11. Maintain program participant records, collect statistics and submit reports as required.
  12. Comply with applicable local, state and federal licensing requirements/certification and/or regulations.
  13. Comply with Association policy regarding required reporting of child abuse and neglect.
  14. Safeguard confidential information gained as a result of the position.
  15. As a YWCA employee, project a positive image of the Association and its programs to the community, the Association and the program.
  16. Work cooperatively with program participants, YWCA staff and volunteers.
  17. Observe all YWCA policies and procedures.
  18. Perform other duties as assigned.


Education requirements, certifications, work experience

  1. High school diploma or equivalent required. CDA Certified by two-year anniversary or Two-year post-secondary coursework preferred.
  2. One-year experience working with young children within a licensed childcare facility.
  3. Ability to meet requirements of Bureau of Regulatory Services licensing.
  4. Satisfactory response to criminal and child abuse and neglect history checks.
  5. Demonstrated ability to work with people of diverse backgrounds.


  1. Proof of freedom from communicable tuberculosis according to Bureau of Regulatory Services licensing requirements.
  2. Must be able to safely lift 60 pounds.


  1. Orientation to YWCA Personnel Policies, Mission, Purpose and One Imperative.
  2. Racial Justice Training
  3. Pronoun Training
  4. Orientation to Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Confidentiality, Mandatory Reporting.
  5. Other appropriate training and in-service which will occur during employment.

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