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LISC Americorps Full Time Service Opportunity

Kalamazoo, MI

Brief Description

This is an AmeriCorps position and as such, the member may not engage in prohibited activities as part of his/her/their service. The member will have an immediate supervisor at YWCA  Kalamazoo and a LISC point of contact throughout the term of service for coaching, mentoring, and training support in order to undertake activities to achieve a community goal.  

Job Responsibilities

Support curriculum development for YWCA early learning and child care programming new hire  training  

Provide community event coordination assistance  

Provide follow up communications to community partners  

Organize documentation of Program Pilot process

Provide material review  

Data collection  

Research best practice  

Take minutes in internal and community meetings 

Provide 20 clients with employment/ job training skills where 15 clients will secure employment – or  secure better employment – as a result of the aforementioned activities

Education requirements, certifications, work experience

Members are required to track time and submit on-line timesheets twice per month. They are also required to submit a monthly report through the same system (training will be provided). The person selected for this position will perform his/her/their day to day service at the partner site. As a result of COVID, any of the work that can be done remotely is being done so. As the service moves into interacting with and beginning the recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, and training process the AmeriCorps member will hold office hours reflective of the needs of the project. There may be some times when evening work is required. YWCA supports individuals in taking autonomy in their work day and encourages communication with the Supervisor to work out a schedule that is both reflective of the needs of the projects and supportive of the AmeriCorps service member to be able to serve on average 40 hours per week. It is expected that the person will be flexible as oftentimes service requires some evenings and weekends.  

Members are expected to attend and participate in all LISC AmeriCorps sponsored activities including but not  limited to:  

 Attending a local onboarding session coordinated by LISC;  

 Attending a national leadership conference in March 2021;  

 Attending all locally sponsored monthly meetings;  

 Participating in nationally sponsored webinars;  

 Actively participating in at least two team coordinated service projects (one for Dr. Martin Luther King,  Jr. Day of Service and one for National AmeriCorps Week); and,  

 Engaging in any other LISC events as determined by the local LISC office.  


 Desire and ability to work with a diverse group of people, particularly those living in low-income  distressed neighborhoods  

 Ability to work independently and in a team environment  

 Computer skills  

 Good written and oral communication skills  


To be eligible to participate as a LISC AmeriCorps member the candidate: (1) must not have previously resigned from a LISC AmeriCorps position; (2) be able to earn at least 75% of the education award for this position; and (3) if having previously served, been exited with satisfactory service from a prior term.  

The candidate will also need to meet all AmeriCorps eligibility requirements including but not limited to: 

 Be at least 17 years of age (there is no upper age limit)  

 Possess unexpired proof of status as a US citizen or possess unexpired permanent resident status and be  able to provide documentation as determined by AmeriCorps during the pre-enrollment period   Meet the National Service Criminal History Check Requirement noted below  


If a candidate has a criminal record, it does not necessarily make him/her/them ineligible for service. LISC does not disclose any results with the host site and will discuss any eligibility concerns that may arise directly with the candidate as per LISC’s policy.  

Candidates being offered and accepting this AmeriCorps position must consent to a search of the National Sex  Offender Public Website, State Level Criminal History Search, and an FBI search. LISC should receive the  results from all checks at least one week prior to the first day of proposed service. The person must be cleared  for service by LISC prior to the first day of service.  

A candidate may not be considered eligible for service in instances where he/she/they: (1) are subject to registry  on the National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW); and/or (2) has been convicted of murder; and/or (3)  has a non-resolved/non-adjudicated criminal offense.  


Upon successful completion of the full term of service, the member will be eligible for a $6,195 education award to pay off existing, eligible student loans or return to school. Members are eligible to place qualifying,  existing student loans (not in default) into AmeriCorps forbearance. The position pays a total stipend of  $17,000. The stipend is taxable and paid in 20 equal checks twice a month from LISC. A direct deposit is required. A health care benefit is available for the participant only. For members with children under the age of  13, there is a child care subsidy benefit available which is dependent on the participant meeting all eligibility requirements (This benefit is administered by a contracted provider via the Corporation for National and  Community Service).  

Additional benefits for alums can be found here: https://www.nationalservice.gov/special initiatives/employers-national-service/alumni and information on Public Service Loan Forgiveness can be found  here: https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-loans/forgiveness-cancellation/public-service

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