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    YWCA Program Area Volunteer Positions

    Administration (front desk, data entry, filing, organizing, in-kind donations, etc.)Education: (reading to kids, interacting with babies, outdoor play, classroom supports)Shelter Support: (answering phones, respite care, children’s story time/activities)Sexual Assault Supportive: (provide support to victims and their family/friends during nurse examinations)Emergency Response Advocate: (provide support to victims of domestic assault and their family/friends)

    I verify that I have read through and completed the volunteer orientation before submitting my application.

    My signature below authorizes YWCA Kalamazoo to conduct a background investigation and authorizes release of information in connection with my volunteer application. The investigation may include such information as criminal or civil convictions, personal or professional reference and other appropriate sources. I waive my right of access to any such information and without limitation hereby release the YWCA and the references source from any liability in connection with its release or use. YWCA Kalamazoo shall not be liable for any damages that may result from such verification and injury. Furthermore, I certify I have made true, correct and complete answers and statements on my application in the knowledge they may be relied upon in considering my application. I understand any omissions or false answered statement made by me on my application or any supplement to it, will be sufficient grounds for failure to select me as a volunteer or for discharge from volunteer service.

    It is the policy of the YWCA that individuals serving as an employee, intern, or volunteer have not been a service recipient of the organization within the last year. The YWCA does have exceptions to this policy for certain program areas. If you have questions about your eligibility in this regard, please inquire with the YWCA Human Resource Department.


    I understand that an application for a volunteer position does not guarantee placement in that position. If I am placed in a volunteer position at YWCA Kalamazoo, I will familiarize myself with the job description and perform those duties as requested. I will guard confidential information learned in the course of the volunteer assignment.

    Confidentiality Rights

    The YWCA Kalamazoo will not share this information with any individual or entity