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YWCA Kalamazoo (YWCA) is dedicated to Building Connected Communities to reduce the likelihood of sexual abuse, assault, and harassment in our communities so that all of our neighbors may live safely. During April, we promote Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM)in alignment with the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), which is the nation’s leading nonprofit in providing information and tools to prevent and respond to sexual violence. Realizing the power of community, YWCA works to create belonging while reinforcing how all of our actions can impact the lives of others, negatively or positively.
In addition to education and awareness campaigns, YWCA is hosting Men’s Breakfast 2024. Our annual Men’s Breakfast event seeks to specifically engage men in our community in conversation about sexual assault and gender-based violence. This year we welcome back Ted Bunch, co-founder and Chief Development Officer of A Call To Men, to lead a panel of local experts and community leaders in a powerful discussion about the critical role that men play in violence prevention. A Call To Men’s vision is to help create a world where all men and boys are loving and respectful and all women, girls, and those at the margins of the margins are valued and safe, thus building a community centered around healthy and respectful manhood.
According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, we must address all abuses of power to effectively prevent sexual violence. This includes the abuses that occur in our relationships, in communities, and within society. Men’s Breakfast helps reduce the likelihood of sexual violence by creating a sense of belonging and accountability for how our beliefs, choices, and actions impact one another. We invite all male-identifying community members to join us to align, educate, and engage in support of those most impacted by violence.

Men’s Breakfast


See our calendar of events below to learn how you can participate in our SAAM initiatives.

YWCA Kalamazoo’s Victim Services Programs support survivors of violence from their emergency-immediate needs to future safety plans. We have dedicated staff members to work individually with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking to support them along their healing journey. Advocates meet with survivors to discuss current needs and to refer them to resources and services throughout the community. Assistance with safety planning, providing legal services, offering therapy and support groups, and securing housing are among the many ways we support those who turn to YWCA for help.
YWCA Kalamazoo services are confidential and provided free of charge. Victims/survivors of any gender, age, ability, or sexual orientation are welcome regardless of insurance or immigration status. If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault in need of immediate assistance, contact our 24-hour crisis line at (269) 385-3587. You can learn more about the services YWCA offers here services for survivors.