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Education Services for Programs Around Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Human Trafficking Within Schools and Other Community and Regional Settings

YWCA Kalamazoo is dedicated to promoting healthy relationships through engaging presentations rooted in the empowerment model,bystander intervention and violence prevention. YWCA Kalamazoo Healthy Relationships Presentation Series aims to raise awareness, build personal and collective responsibility,and provide skills to challenge violence throughout our lives and community.

Please contact J. Kyon, Director of Community Impact, at jkyon@ywcakalamazoo.org to schedule a presentation.

YWCA Kalamazoo Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, and Healthy Relationships Presentation Series

Pre-K to 3rd/4th grade

Children learn that their bodies are important and belong to them, private parts are those covered by their bathing suits, to trust unsafe/yucky feelings, to tell people they trust if they have been touched unsafely and how to tell,using the “No, Go, Tell” method. The students will also have the book My Body Belongs to Me by Pro Familia & Dagmar Geisler or My Body! What I say Goes!, depending on the specifications by the school professional(s), read aloud to them and receive the Very Important People coloring book.

4th grade – 8th grade

Defining relationships (parents, teachers,coaches, crushes, etc.) and verbal/physical/digital/sexual boundaries, what are unhealthy/abusive behaviors, sexual harassment, social media, cyber bullying, sexting and their consequences, and how to advocate for themselves and their peers. There will be hands-on activities throughout the presentation with a facilitated discussion about these topics. They will be given a healthy relationships brochure and a YWCA crisis intervention card.

9th grade – college/professional

Compares healthy and abusive relationships, the dynamics of power and control, the structure of rape culture and how social narratives have created it, the definitions of sexual assault andrape, what victim blaming looks like, and resources available YWCA Kalamazoo. They will be given a healthy relationships brochure and a YWCA crisis intervention card.

9th grade – college/professional

Compares healthy and abusive relationships, the seven forms of Intimate Partner Violence,including sexual assault, the influence of power and control, warning signs, consent, how individuals can help themselves and others, and resources available at the YWCA. They will be given a healthy relationships brochure and a YWCA crisis intervention card.


Medical professionals, employment agencies,government departments, and any other professionals with one-to-one time with their clients are encouraged to inquire about this presentation. CEU’s can be acquired from taking this course for a $30 fee. Please contact J. Kyon atjkyon@ywcakalamazoo.org if you are interested in receiving CEUS.

This presentation can be tailored to the audience and provide relevant content to best benefit the audience. Participants will learn about the National and State trafficking statutes, definitions of human trafficking,several case examples highlighting trafficking situations that have occurred in the United States, helpful tips on how to combat this crime, and how to advocate for system’s change to better serve all human trafficking victims and survivors. The goal of this training is for participants to leave with a greater awareness of what both labor and sex trafficking is and is not and be able to identify potential trafficking cases in the future.

Workshops and Training

Brave Space

To successfully integrate equity analysis into programs and culture, we must first build a space with the capacity for discomfort, conflict, and critique. This workshop focuses on creating harm-mitigated spaces for discussions around justice and equity, as well as a constructive analysis around power and privilege. Participants will join guided exploration on how we can use our own
complex identities as a framework for the beginnings and continuations of institutional change.

Racial Equity Training

Using powerful videos, open and honest dialogue, and interactive learning experiences, YWCA Racial Equity workshops work to create awareness, build personal and collective responsibility, and provide skills to challenge systemic racism in our daily lives and throughout our community.

YWCA recognizes that individually we are all on a journey of continuous learning, especially when it comes to understanding racism and how it manifests in our lives. Racial Equity workshops not only support individuals seeking knowledge and awareness, but guides them toward implementing antiracist practices and policies in their place of work, play, or worship.

For more information on the Workshops and Training, download the Workshops brochure below.

Community Education Brochure

Community Education Brochure (Spanish)

Community Education Presentations Brochure

Racial Equity Workshops Brochure

Engagement Opportunties

Racial Justice Collective

YWCA Kalamazoo Racial Justice Collective (RJC), is made up of both internal staff members and community members, that meets bi-weekly. The collective is charged with working to empower people of color, providing engagement opportunities that develop all staff’s racial equity lens, create a supportive and inclusive work environment for YWCA Kalamazoo employees, and ensuring the mission and vision of the agency are being fulfilled throughout the organization.

The RJC is seeking qualified individuals to serve on the collective.

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