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Get Out The Vote with YWCA Kalamazoo!

This pivotal election year, YWCA Kalamazoo has a unique opportunity to show up and continue the bold and historic work of advancing Reproductive Rights across Kalamazoo County! Right now, our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) effort is focused on increasing awareness around the state of reproductive health care access here in Kalamazoo County. We are also prioritizing educating our elected officials and holding them accountable to addressing the barriers communities of color face in accessing comprehensive reproductive health care.

Access to comprehensive reproductive health care remains in a perilous position across the nation. YWCA Kalamazoo’s GOTV initiative is aimed at ensuring the voices of our most marginalized communities are centered this election year.

Ways to get involved:

-Click HERE to volunteer at YWCA Kalamazoo’s upcoming Stand Against Racism (SAR)

-Click HERE to volunteer to support GOTV canvassing efforts

GOTV for Reproductive Justice!


YWCA Kalamazoo is committed to a reproductive justice framework. We recognize and believe that the inherent right to parent or not parent in a safe and sustainable community is not only integral to our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women but integral to ending sexual and domestic violence. Every single one of us should be able to live, work, and make decisions about our health and our future with dignity and respect. It is imperative that our elected officials understand their crucial role in continuing to safeguard and advance reproductive health care access to their constituents and residents – including access to abortion and abortion care services.

Your community. Your vote. Join us to GOTV in your community today!

It is vital that we remain civically engaged this year.

Our robust GOTV initiative will actively engage 45,000 Kalamazoo County voters – particularly voters of color, those who identify as LGBTQIA+, and other marginalized identities- in an effort to increase voter awareness and voter turnout to protect reproductive access in Kalamazoo County.

Redistricting across the state of Michigan will no doubt impact With your help, we can fight to hold our public officials accountable to protecting comprehensive reproductive access, and that they remain firm in their solidarity with our community and the future of reproductive health care access! Join the fight today, to support reproductive justice and the human right to bodily autonomy!

To learn more about the running Commissioners in your district by clicking HERE .