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A Supportive Home Visitation Program

YWCA Kalamazoo Women and Infant Supportive Health (WISH) program equips families in Kalamazoo County with skills and resources necessary for healthy pregnancies and raising healthy babies. YWCA WISH is a home visitation program that offers a high-quality, culturally relevant, and evidence-informed curriculum. YWCA WISH works with families to meet their goals at being the best parents they can be! Services include:

  • Advocacy and transportation to doctor visits
  • One-on-one and group education for parents
  • Goal setting and skill-building
  • Assistance meeting needs
  • Social support
  • And more!


Any pregnant or current parent with children ages 0-3 years, regardless of family type or orientation, are eligible for YWCA WISH. Additionally, there are no income or insurance
restrictions to participate in YWCA WISH.

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For more information, call 269-345-5595 or email wish@ywcakalamazoo.org.